Sitting ergonomically – backaches were yesterday

Sitting ergonomically means sitting dynamically!

Badly organised workplaces and a lack of physical exercise with sedentary jobs are the most common reasons for backaches. Sitting rigidly with a one-sided use of certain muscles is unhealthy for the body, whereas a frequent exercise of the body has a positive influence on health.

  • Frequently changing the sitting position relieves the spinal column, relaxes the back muscles and encourages the metabolism
  • Arms and legs should be at right angles  – adjust seat height correctly
  • Use the complete surface of the chair
  • Sit upright and use the back rest
  • Sit dynamically – move

Dynamic sitting is the permanent change of the sitting posture from the middle active to the front respectively rear sitting posture.
A good office chair has to support dynamic sitting and has to prevent negative effects/risks on health.

We want

  • to optimise the working conditions of mainly sitting people
  • to offer a suitable product for each range of application
  • to support dynamic sitting with our models
  • to  enable you to have a long, healthy life without backaches


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